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This leadership effectiveness course has been designed specifically as a tool to help small and medium businesses to develop leadership skills, and therefore results, within the organisation.

The course is divided into 4 separate modules which address the following:

  1. Leadership principles, skills and characteristics
  2. Communication skills; including feedback skills, effective listening, and managing conflict
  3. The Leadership toolbox; how to inspire and energise your people.
  4. Problem Solving and Decision Making.

Each module is made up of a series of lessons each of which is made up of a video, reading material and self assessment if applicable

This course is designed for new Associates joining electassociate. It provides a detailed series of modules with related assessments that cover the following topics.

  1. Why Do Companies need HR
  2. What is HR
  3. What is the relationship between HR and the law

This course provides an overview of each of the electAssociates products. Selling strategies, the FUD Sales & benefits offered,

This e-learning program provides an introduction to 7 Star Supermarkets Work Health & Safety System. Please what the various documents, presentations, videos and then after each topic undertake the simple Quiz or provide the achnowledgement as the case may be.